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Discover the Thrills of West Mountain

Embark on an unforgettable winter journey at West Mountain, a gem tucked within the majestic Adirondacks of New York. This renowned ski haven isn't just a destination; it's the start of your most exciting winter story yet. Whether you're a beginner gently carving your first line, 
or a seasoned snowboarder seeking adrenaline-packed terrain, West Mountain has it all.

The meticulously groomed trails are designed to suit every skill level, offering smooth rides down gentle slopes and challenging routes for the thrill-seekers. 
For those who love acrobatics and freestyle, our vibrant terrain parks are a dream playground. 
But the fun doesn't stop there – embrace the laughter and joy with our family-friendly snow tubing. It's a hit for all ages!

Beyond the thrills, West Mountain is a canvas of winter wonder, where the crisp mountain air meets stunning panoramic vistas. It's a place where every turn offers a new, breathtaking view, making it not just a sports hub but a retreat for those seeking a scenic escape. 
Experience the warmth of our community spirit and family-friendly vibe, making every visit feel like coming home.

Step into a winter wonderland at West Mountain, a short drive from Motel Luzerne, where every snowflake adds to your unforgettable mountain adventure. 
Join us to make those lasting winter memories – we can't wait to see you on the slopes!



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