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Join the Festive Frolic at the Lake George Winter Carnival

Throughout February, the heart of the Adirondacks transforms into a winter wonderland of joy and merriment with the Lake George Winter Carnival. This cherished annual extravaganza invites you to be part of a vibrant tradition that lights up the colder months with warmth and excitement.

Step into a realm where winter's magic comes alive in a colorful parade of activities and entertainment. 
Be captivated by the quirky charm of our famous outhouse races — a unique blend of creativity and hilarity that you won't find anywhere else. Feel the adrenaline rush with exhilarating snowmobile rides, carving through snowy landscapes, or dare to take the plunge in the frosty, invigorating waters of Lake George with our polar plunge event.

But that's just the beginning! The carnival is a spectacle of artistry and craftsmanship with stunning ice sculptures adorning the landscape, each telling its own frozen tale. 
As night falls, gather around crackling bonfires, a perfect spot for making new friends or cozying up with loved ones. And don't miss the awe-inspiring fireworks display, illuminating the winter sky with bursts of color, reflecting off the icy lake and snow-covered mountains.

Every moment at the Lake George Winter Carnival is filled with laughter, cheer, and the kind of winter fun that creates lifelong memories. From families seeking a day full of joy to friends sharing laughs over a round of hot cocoa, the carnival beckons to all. Located just a short journey from Motel Luzerne, this festival of frosty delight promises a kaleidoscope of winter wonders waiting to be explored.



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