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Experience the Thrill  of Saratoga Race Track

Immerse yourself in over 70 years of rich equestrian history at the Saratoga Race Track, a jewel in the crown of horse racing and a must-visit destination 
for fans and newcomers alike. Nestled a convenient distance from Motel Luzerne, this famed racetrack offers an enthralling day out 
for anyone fascinated by the speed, grace, and tradition of Standardbred horse racing.

Feel the rush of excitement that sweeps through the grandstands as each race begins. The Saratoga Race Track is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, where the thundering of hooves and the cheers of the crowd merge into a symphony of sporting spectacle. Witness the thrilling contests of both flat and harness racing, where skill, speed, and strategy come to life on the track. Here, every race is more than just a competition. It's a display of athleticism, determination, and the enduring bond between horse and jockey.

The Saratoga Race Track isn't just about the races, it's about experiencing the essence of a historic sport in a venue steeped in tradition. 
Stroll through the paddock, observing the beauty and power of these magnificent animals up close. Savor the flavors of local foods, enjoy a picnic in the backyard, 
and soak in the lively yet sophisticated trackside culture.

Whether you're a lifelong racing fan or looking for a unique and lively day out, the Saratoga Race Track offers an unforgettable experience. Its blend of exhilarating sporting action, rich history, and lively atmosphere makes it an iconic destination — all waiting just a short journey from Motel Luzerne.



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